All Alliance Member programs are governed by the Alliance Member Terms and Conditions, including all defined terms. In addition, consistent with those policies, Seattle Sounders FC reserves the right to amend and update Alliance Member benefits and program specific terms and conditions. The following terms and conditions shall govern the operation of the “Alliance Member Ticket Credit Program” described in Paragraph 22 of the Alliance Member Terms and Conditions and which shall be known as the Return Ticket Program (or “RTP”).

  1. Alliance Member Return For Credit. All Alliance Members in good standing are eligible to participate in the RTP during the 2022 season. All tickets purchased in the Season Ticket Package are eligible for return. Other tickets for other Events purchased throughout the season, or pursuant to the Pay As We Play Program are not eligible, unless otherwise specifically identified.
  2. Value of Credit. The amount of credit for any individual Ticket may vary by Event depending upon the classification of the match and the value for the Ticket(s) returned for that classification of match. Alliance Members will be able to see the ticket value for each Event in Account Manager.
  3. Credit Accumulation. There is no limit on the number of Tickets or Events that can be returned for Credit through the RTP. Credit through the RTP will accumulate on Account Holder’s account separately from other credit which may be generated due to other programs or Ticket Policies and may not be combined.
  4. Process for Return. Alliance Members who are in good standing, and paid in full for their 2022 Season Ticket Package, may return any or all Tickets to any Event no later than ten (10) days prior to the published match date. Within ten (10) days of a match date, no return through the RTP will be accepted. Account Holder can select “return”” function through Ticketmaster Account Manager interface. Once a return is selected and processed through Account Manager or through a Sounders FC representative it is unreversible and final.
  5. Use of Credit. Credit accumulated through the Return Ticket Program can be used to purchase any ticket product through MLS Regular Season, including in any ticket class. For example, an Alliance Member with season tickets located in 125 could use credit to purchase Club Level tickets. Credit shall be applied against the then current single match price for the specific match that the Account Holder is purchasing. For a limited time, and all RTP credit created and redeemed on or before February 18, 2022, Alliance Members will be eligible to purchase tickets at the season ticket member rate. Once credit generated through the RTP is used to purchase new tickets, it shall be exhausted and removed from Account. Other Events including League Events and CONCACAF or other competitions may or may not be eligible for purchase through use of RTP credit, at Sounders FC sole and exclusive discretion to determine.
  6. Limitations on Use of Return Ticket Credit. Credit accumulated in 2022 through the RTP cannot be used for 2023 Season Ticket Renewals or 2022 MLS Cup and must be used on or before December 15, 2022. All unused credit on file at the end of the 2022 season shall be forfeited and not refunded.